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Ettiketto Group is the leading label solutions group in the Nordics. Through our companies’ complementary product portfolios, we can deliver everything from simple logistics labels to complex printed electronics. We also deliver equipment which makes it possible for us to take a unique overall responsibility for our customers’ labelling process.

Ettiketto Group’s vision is to be the Nordic market leader in the label industry.

Organic growth and company acquisitions are fundamental parts of our strategy. Our philosophy is to be an active and long-term owner of companies with a focus on creating great growth opportunities. We have a high acquisition rate, and we are firmly committed to developing our companies so that they together make us a strong and competitive player.

We are also convinced that sustainable business development comes from within, based on the people who work in the companies. That is why our goal is to give everyone, both as leaders and individuals, their key to success.

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Ettiketto Group is owned by Volati which is a listed Swedish industrial group. Volati acquires mainly companies with proven business models, leading market positions and strong cash flows at reasonable valuations, and develops these with an emphasis on long-term value creation.

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Our history

Ettiketto’s roots date back to the early 20th century. Svea Band is founded in 1916 and in 1954, it’s the first company in Sweden to start manufacturing self-adhesive labels.


Ettiketto is established in Sweden in 1977 as a subsidiary of Danish Ettiketto A/S, a company selling self-adhesive labels and labeling machines.

In 1985, Svea Band changes its name to Printcom.

In 1986, Ettiketto in Sweden becomes independent and starts its production of labels in 1991.

In 2003, Ettiketto acquires Printcom with operations in Malmö and Åtvidaberg, Sweden.

Ettiketto – a reseller of Eurokett’s labeling machines since the 1980s – acquires Eurokett Labeling Systems in 2003.

In 2011, Volati acquires Ettiketto. Volati is an industrial group that invests in and develops companies with a focus on long-term value creation.

In 2013, Ettiketto, Printcom and Eurokett Labeling Systems are merged and gathered under the name Ettiketto.

In 2016, Rikard Ahlin (today CEO of Ettiketto Group) takes over as President of Ettiketto.

In June 2020, Beneli in Helsingborg, Sweden, is acquired. The acquisition strengthens Ettiketto’s existing offering in self-adhesive labels and broadens the product portfolio by adding self-adhesive printed electronics.

In September 2020, Märkas in Åstorp, Sweden, is acquired, which further broadens Ettiketto’s product portfolio and strengthens its market position in Sweden.

In June 2021, StrongPoint Labels with operations in Malmö, Sweden, and Tangen, Norway, is acquired. The acquisition strengthens Ettiketto’s offering in the Swedish market and is a strategically important entry into the Norwegian market.

In November 2021, Jigraf in Landskrona, Sweden, is acquired. The acquisition brings an increased production capacity and a broadened product portfolio. Ettiketto Group has increased its sales on an annual basis from SEK 250 million to SEK 800 million as a result of the completed acquisitions since 2020.

In December 2021, the companies join together under the parent company’s new name – Ettiketto Group. With a newly formed group management team, a clear vision and a proven ability to complete acquisitions and to take good care of the acquired companies, we see a bright future ahead.

In January 2022, Skipnes Etikett in Trondheim, Norway, is acquired. The acquisition strengthens Ettiketto Group’s market position in Norway, increases the groups production capacity and complements the existing customer offering.

In september 2022 Ettiketto Group becomes new Volati business area